Conversational Chatbots for E-commerce Industry

The E-commerce market in India is extending at a very fast pace and has become the need of everyone. So with the increase in demands of the users, it has become essential to maintain the uninterrupted flow of services. It is mandatory to provide excellent customer service. And if you really want to please your customers, you need to be ready to offer assistance whenever they need it. No matter how good your online support is, you will always find customers who will ask

questions or talk about concerns before they enter their payment credentials for any purchase.

The Chatbots have really helped the E-commerce industry to improve in terms of their customer service. Earlier a human used to sit in front of the system & answer to customer doubts or queries & sometimes it may happen that due to some reason if the support handler is not able to attend the customer for a day, then the queries go in the pending state & the company would lose their customers.

But thanks to Artificial Intelligence for introducing Conversational Chatbots, as the 24×7 customer queries can now be resolved & it has also helped the E-commerce industries to generate more leads & also resolve queries faster.  Some major important tasks performed by Chatbots.

  • Sending out reminders and notifications
  • Customer support
  • Data collection depending on user feedback
  • Online transactions
  • Up-selling and cross-selling services and products
  • Educating and entertaining users

How Chatbot Became a Need for E-commerce Business?

Fast, Reliable and Cost-effective Customer Support

Once a Chatbot interacts with the users, it remembers them and their queries, until they don’t remove the cache and cookies of the application or browser. Jokes apart, E-commerce Chatbots remain available for 24*7 and they respond instantly as the user enquires about a query.

Chatbots are great at customer’s personalization

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, Conversational Chatbots provide a tremendous personal appeal by using customer’s names in conversations or advising products based on past purchases. It gives a personal touch to the customers during the conversation, which may increase the list of happy customers on a daily basis. 

Boost Up sales 

Chatbot can be integrated with the website and application to  provide  immediate response to customers, shopping Chatbots significantly boost your sales.

Save Time And Money

Everyone wants to save their time and most importantly their money. Through Conversational Chatbot you can save a lot of money by cutting the cost of hiring a customer support team to solve the query. One can also make payments by using it. It makes the task of ordering easy and is time saving.