Conversational Chatbots for Travel Industry

The latest technological implementation has made a positive impact on various industries. Every One wants better meaningful experiences during their travel whether its professional and personal. and in addition to these scale ups, they also want their businesses to meet the need for engaging with their touring clients on the go. Artificial Intelligence has introduced Conversational Chatbots to automate that engagement part, and make the prospect of a scaled up travel business easier and a better experience for all stakeholders. In particular multi-lingual chatbots have the potential to provide a streamlined user experience to a diverse base of customers . 

Chatbots are increasingly getting used by the travel sector to deliver a new better experience and services for travelers. Conversational Chatbot are helping  tourists in making the right choices based on their schedule, budget and other preferences when they interact with Chatbots.

Benefits Of Conversational Chatbots for Travel Industry 

Creating Better Travel Experience

Whether it is a business or leisure trip, Conversational Chatbots can help travelers, especially novice travelers stay organized. Also it can provide time information or warn travelers of delays and other travel advisory.

Up-selling Services – One of the major reasons that Chatbots are an improvement over human interactions is their ability to use past interactions and initiate a conversation while up-selling new services. If an airline company has data of existing premium traveler who is flying in business-class, Chatbot can use that information  to up-sell services.

Better Customer Services – Customers can be served quickly as time spent on hold or waiting for enquiries to be answered is reduced / removed. Customers get better enhanced services.

Multilingual Support – Chatbots are multilingual. It can support customers who speak different languages. 

Feedback Collection – Post-trip, Chatbots may send out feedback forms to the users to get information  on how you can improve guest’s travel experience.

Process payments – Some chatbots are capable of getting  integrated with payment methods, so they offer a secure easy payment solution.