How Conversational Chatbots are Transforming the Hospitality Industry?

The impact of Conversational chatbots on every industry is growing by the day. Chatbots and artificial intelligence (AI) are helping the hospitality industry. Chatbots provide a convenient, conversational interface that engages customers and solves their problems in a short time. And they do so in multiple languages! There is a

definite, positive impact of chatbots on both the consumer and the hotels using them. This technology helps the hotels to provide superior customer experience.

Accurate and immediate delivery of information to customers is a major factor in running a successful online business, especially in the price-sensitive and competitive Hospitality industry. Chatbots particularly have got a lot of attention from the Hospitality industry in recent times. 

What Chatbots can offer to the Hospitality Industry?


Conversational Chatbot eliminates the human effort by estimating the prices, amenities and more kinds of stuff and capable of facilitating a human like a virtual agent.

The AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot is, even more, user-friendly, it can handle payment transactions where the user can easily trust.


Customers can share the feedback post the stay, Conversational Chatbots are able to provide a better mechanism for collecting the feedback from the customer end. Conversational Chatbots can easily handle complaints.


All the alerts and notifications about offers, discounts, booking confirmation, and payment confirmation can be triggered to the consumer.


Customers always have some questions or enquiries for the services being offered by the Hotel. This is the basic functionality of Hospitality Conversational Chatbots, can easily provide an automated service which answers to frequently asked questions like “Which is the nearest hotel”, “How can I pay”, “How can I book the hotel”, etc.

Benefits of Conversational Chatbots for Hotel Industry

Reduce the Workload of Staff

Conversational Chatbots can handle the workload of employees of Hotels or restaurants, then employees can be freed up to perform other tasks. For example, if a chatbot can handle booking and customer service calls, then a hotel staff can focus more on helping customers who are already at the hotel. The hotel may actually need fewer employees, so it saves money as well.

24/7 Support

Conversational Chatbots  are available outside business hours. In the hospitality industry, customers might seek support and answers. Besides, it is very difficult for human customer service representatives to be present every time for customers. So Smart AI (Artificial Intelligence)  applications like Conversational Chatbots also eliminate waiting times.

Quick response

Chatbots are always ready to answer customer queries. Conversational Chatbots can offer reliable information faster than human representatives ever could. They can carry visitors through their entire journey easier than it was possible before.

Chatbots can offer immediate responses for the following

  •       Information about room tariffs.
  •       Check-in/check-out hours.
  •       In-room services, available for each room.
  •       Entertainment and sightseeing packages associated with each room.