How Conversational Chatbots Are Helping Food chain Industry?

A Conversational chatbot play a vital role for most of the industries. Especially Conversational Chatbot for food chain industry allow customers to engage with restaurants and food outlets using a simple chat window or widget. It is much easier to interact with a bot in a conversational manner and order food than it is to use an app for the same purpose.

Conversational Chatbot performs automated chat conversations becomes the need of the hour! DheeYantra Conversational chatbot can be deployed within an app, a business website or on a social media messenger platform.
It is really impossible for service staff to meet everyone’s expectations which can result in creating a negative brand image for the restaurant. Thanks to Artificial Intelligence due to which chatbots are available, customers need not to make a call to reserve a table, wait for staff to attend to them or wait in line for tables to free up. Conversational Chatbots has taken a seat ahead for assisting the customers in a better way with more accuracy in less time.
The Food Chain Industry has a chatbot integrated with Facebook Messenger, website, mobile app. Just log on to the Facebook, website or open the Messenger app on mobile. There are several ways to communicate with deployed chatbot. As per the restaurant demand Conversational Chatbots can be deployed with respective functionalities. Some major requirements which we can see in the functionality of Chatbot.

• Language selection
• Table Booking
• Price details
• Reschedule Booking
• Cancel Booking
• Corporate Banking
• Enquiries

Benefits of Conversational Chatbot for Food Chain Industry

Manage reservations & take orders – A Conversational chatbot for food chain Industry can interact with your customers and can perform reservation and order tasks with 100% accuracy.
Promote Deals & Offers – A chatbot can tap into your email list and entice your existing customers with new deals and offers. They can work on social media and even, on your website and bring in a lot of repeat business.
Present Your Menu in A Better Way – Conversational chatbot that does not present your menu in a visually attractive & conversational way but also learn about your customer preferences to offer better recommendations.
Increasing sales and conversions
• Speeding up the customer service process
• Generating new leads
• Personalizing customer communication
• Providing great customer experiences
Conversational Chatbot is the ultimate solution for all restaurants, pubs, cafe etc. to overcome their operational issues. Though our solution come with the capacity of responding to hundreds of customers simultaneously, chatbots are cheaper to deploy and integrate for businesses.